My name is Jim Schuster, founder and president of
JS Advertising. I am also the lead creative. The designer. The go-to guy. Why do I share this? Because I'm the guy behind the wheel. There are no executive layers between you and I, where key messages get lost in translation and costs begin to tick up. When you work with us, you're working with me — you're connected straight to the source. In fact, the minute we sit down together, my engine is already revving with ideas. This is my job. To help you move cars. And man, I love what I do!

The fact is, I've been steeped in automotive marketing from the start of my career. Sure, JS Advertising does other business. But my teeth were cut on automotive advertising. And today, yes, I am proud to say, JS Advertising is the best in the business. Our accounts are spread nationwide because our programs produce large-scale results. Measurable, tangible, bottom line results. When it comes to marketing vehicles... JS Advertising gets it. And we have for over twenty years.

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